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Welcome to Tomorrow


Though it might seem crazy to bring a concept like coliving to a city like Chattanooga, we think it makes total sense.

Chattanooga is home to a collaborative and innovative culture and community unlike any city of it’s size. One that has been growing by leaps and bounds during the past several years.

Sure, space is not a commodity here like it is in New York City or San Francisco, but space is only one aspect of the coliving trend that’s taking off around the world.

We’ve got the startups. We’ve got the coworking spaces. Community events galore. An active community of engaged citizens. Why wouldn’t we bring all of this home?

When the Tomorrow Building opens in the fall it will provide a space for the 39 diverse personalities who fill it to continue the momentum that is happening in the city daily.

What will this look like? It could be as simple as neighbors sharing a bottle of wine in a communal kitchen. It could be a hackathon in the collaborative space. It could be an intimate, pajamas-only chat with the mayor (yes, Berke, we’ll be reaching out!) in the shared living room.

Whatever the case may be, it will be fostering the community and collaboration that enables the city we love to continue to grow and progress at speeds as fast as our internet.

At the end of the day, this is an experiment, and we expect the building to take on a personality and life of it’s own. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Tomorrow couldn’t come any sooner.

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